Rhonda Kap Metal Sculptor

All Pieces of metal artwork displayed here were hand-crafted by Rhonda Kap, Metal Sculptor. Every piece is unique, handmade original. No molds are used. Each piece is signed. It is crafted from copper and bronze. Sculpted with oxygen and acetylene welding equipment. From the flame of the torch Rhonda transforms the materials into a ceremonial object that is as warm and bright as the occasion it celebrates. Rhonda Kap has over thirty years of experience with these materials creating beautiful organic forms.

Rhonda Kap received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute, Majoring in metal sculpture. She also studied with Judaic artists in Israel and California. Although Rhonda works in other sculptural forms, Judaica has a special place in her heart. Her work as a Judaic artist carries great value, because her art becomes a part of people’s lives as they use the ceremonial objects to carry out the sacred rituals.