The Shabbat candle holders are perfect for saying the Sabbath blessing over. They have matching Kiddush cups and challah trays. Add a spice box to complete a Havdalah set, and you will be able to celebrate from sundown to sunset.

These trays have a glass plates surrounded by welded copper and bronze. They make beautiful serving trays. Many of the trays have been sold as part of a Havdalah set or used as a challah plate on Shabbat.

The bride and groom can bless their wedding with a Kiddush Cup and keep it to bless very Shabbat they share.

I have even created a “matching-unmatching “ set of wedding toasting goblets. The couple told me, “I drink beer and she drinks wine. You figure it out”. Please take a look and see what I came up with. If you would like me to make something special for you or are interested in purchasing a piece from the site, please contact me at 818-425-5513,  Cornell CA 91301. or send an email.